How to Create Paypal Account in Pakistan

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How to Create PayPal Account in Pakistan

What is PayPal Account ?

PayPal is a global payment method which provide peoples online payments system to audience of global. PayPal make sure to pay, send money and accepted globalize payments. PayPal charges a fee in exchange against their services like one-click transactions.

PayPal is one of the most secure and fastest method to send and receive payments online. PayPal have available in 200+ markets/Countries and 270+ million active and registered accounts all over the Globe. You can send receive and hold payments in 25 currencies worldwide through PayPal.

In this Article I will tell you about How we can Create PayPal Account in Pakistan.

How to Create PayPal Account in Pakistan

Advantage of PayPal Account ?

PayPal is a simple and fastest method to send or receive money and buy/shopping anything online from worldwide. There are different advantages of PayPal and some of them are given below:

Less Expensive:

PayPal transaction fee is low and affordable for all users. The fee of use is 0.3$ per transaction with add 3% on total amount of transaction.

High Speed:

PayPal is fastest way of instant transfer of money. PayPal users can transfer money from PayPal accounts to local bank accounts anywhere in less than 24 hours.

Privacy Security:

PayPal provides to all their users security and protection.

Freelancers Preferred PayPal :

We know that Pakistan have large Community of freelancers and E-Commerce users. Small companies in different cities like Lahore, Faisalabad and Sialkot wants to set up their brands online. Customers all over the Globe have blind trust on PayPal.

Through PayPal, people can get more projects from international clients due to the trust relation on PayPal. People of e-commerce field must prefer it due to trusted work.

Due to no availability in Pakistan, large number of people search about “How to Create PayPal in Pakistan”. Asked questions from google in below

  • Can I use PayPal Account in Pakistan?
  • How I can withdraw money from PayPal in Pakistan?

These are the questions that people mostly ask so i will try to answer all of your questions in my Blog “How to make PayPal in Pakistan”.

How to make PayPal in Pakistan

Sign Up for PayPal:


Keep follow some instructions given below

  1. Open the google chrome.
  2. Search PayPal Website.
  3. Open PayPal Website.
  4. Click on Sign Up Button.
  5. Then Click Personal or Business Account as Per Your Need.
  6. Enter Your Active Email Address with Strong Password.
  7. PayPal Send a Confirmation Link on Your Email.
  8. Go Your Email and Active Your Account Through Provided Link.
  9. After Activation Fill Your All Information for Account Creation.
  10. Country Option is Must Require for PayPal but Pakistan Country is not Available because PayPal is not Operate in Pakistan.
  11. Account Activation is Required for Sending and Receiving Your Payments.

For business account PayPal offers two options in business account category. One is the standard account and second is pro account. In the standard account, customers must route through PayPal to check out.

In Pro accounts, you must pay 30$ per months. The Standard account is free business account for users who buy and sell on E-Commerce sites.

Payoneer is Required for PayPal in Pakistan:

Payoneer Bonus

Payoneer is worldwide online payment method same like PayPal and this is available in Pakistan. Payoneer is accepted 200+ countries with 150+ currencies as well.

Payoneer account creation method is given below;

Open chrome and search Payoneer website.

Open Payoneer website and click on signup option.


Click on the Following link

Provide your active email address and fill all requirements simple as you sign up on any social account like Facebook with strong password.

After filling form and signup go your email and active your account through provide link by Payoneer.

How to Apply for Payoneer Card ?

When your Payoneer account has been confirmed you can apply for Payoneer Master Card But keep in mind it is not compulsory for Payoneer usage, you can use without Payoneer master card.

To order Payoneer master card keep following some steps given below:

  1. Your local bank account is required with IBAN number
  2. Type your user name and password
  3. Select a suitable security question
  4. Enter your CNIC and click on order

Your account is created and take some days for deliver your Master card.

Payoneer Card

Activate Your Payoneer Card:

When you received your Payoneer card then you must follow these steps for activation,

  1. Login to your Payoneer Account.
  2. Enter your User Name and Password.
  3. Click Login and View Your Status.
  4. After View the Status Activate Your Card.
  5. Click on Activation.
  6. Enter 16 Digits from Your Payoneer Card and Choose 4 Digit Pin Code.
  7. Click on policies bar and tick it.
  8. After that Click on Activate.

Link Payoneer Account to PayPal Account:

Mostly people search that “How to Create PayPal Account in Pakistan” so follow some steps to link your account with paypal.

  • Open Google Chrome and Search PayPal website.
  • Open PayPal Website Link.
  • Login to Your PayPal Account.
  • Enter Your Email and Password.
  • After Signing in Your Account Click on Link a Bank Option.
  • If Your Bank is Find then You Just Need to Enter Your Online Banking Login Information.
  • If Your Bank is not Find then You Need the Account Number and Routing Number.
  • To Find Account Number and Routing Number of Payoneer Account You Need to Login into Payoneer Account.
  • Activate Option of US Payment Service.
  • After this Click on Receive Money Option.
  • After Clicking on US Payment Services, You will Find Routing Number and USA Virtual Account No.
  • Now Enter that Routing Number and USA Virtual Account No in Your Unverified PayPal Account.
  • After that, You will Receive Two Small Deposits that Will Be Sent to Your Payoneer Account by PayPal. You will be Able to see those Deposits After 2 to 3 Working Days.
  • After Receiving Deposits Sent by PayPal and Log in Again into Your PayPal Account.
  • After Signing in You Need to Put the Same Amount that You Received on Payoneer Account into Your PayPal Account
  • Your PayPal Account will be Verified Automatically.
    This is a genuine and legal method to use a PayPal account in Pakistan.

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