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The Real Meaning of Amazon ?

What is Amazon ?

Amazon is a largest and worldwide E-Commerce platform and equally popular as well.
The total revenue for year 2017, of more then $177 billion. But as per Amazon demand in 2018, the total revenue of more then $268 billion.
The main cause of become a richest person in the world of ” Jeff Bezos ” is online business on internet.
Amazon was started in 1994 in Seattle Washington by Jeff Bezos, with an online small bookstore. Now, It has become the largest online E- Commerce brand in the world.

How to Amazon Works ?

In 1995, Amazon.com sell his first book and shipped from Jeff Bezos’ garage in Seattle. In the year of 2006, it sell a large number of books has sites in seven countries/regions with has 21 distribution centers all around the world with total warehouse area of more then 9 million square feet.

The embedded marketing technology which uses to personalize your experience may be the best example of the company’s overall sales approach: know your customers very well. Customer tracking is Amazon’s stronghold. If you let the website paste cookies on your hard drive, you will find yourself at the receiving end of various useful features that make your shopping experience very cool, such as recommendations based on past purchases and written reviews and guide lists. The user decides on the product being searched.

What is Amazon FBA ?

Amazon FBA is known as  Fulfillment by AmazonWhen the sellers sends their product to Amazon’s warehouse and logistics center. After the customer orders the product according to requirements, Amazon will ship desired products for you. All products sold and shipped in this way have been registered with Prime and made available to all Prime customers for free of cost.

Advantages of Amazon FBA :

Some of biggest benefits of Amazon FBA are as following

  • No effort required for shopping.
  • Return facility if rejected by customer.
  • Discount available in shipping rates.
  • Complete Customer satisfaction.
  • Use unlimited storage space as per need.
  • Extra fast delivery.
  • Order from MCF.

Disadvantages of Amazon FBA :

  • Amazon cost price.
  • Returns of rejected goods.
  • Long time storage charges.
  • Face difficulty to pack products.
  • Inventory tracking my be difficult.
  • Sales Tax is include.

What is Amazon FBM ?

Amazon FBM is known as Fulfillment by Merchant. FBM is the time when the seller controls its entire processing and shipping process. The seller does not have required to pay service fees and ship the inventory for processing but instead uses its own resources and sends the goods directly to the buyer.

What is Amazon SFP ?

SFP is known as Amazon Seller Fulfilled Prime. SFP allows third-party sellers to ship Prime orders from their warehouses to their customers within 2-day delivery. It depends on whether the seller meets the demanding requirements and SLA window have required.

What is Amazon FDA ?

FDA is known as Food and Drug Administrator. 2 years ago, the administrator of United States make regulation on food, drug and medicine that affect public health that product sold on amazon.

What is Private Label ?

Private labeling is a very basic concept and way. You are sell your own inventory and use packaging, but the items you sell are made by others peoples the cost of selling goods is much high expensive than your own brand and with the introduction on Amazon Brand Gating in September 2016, the trouble has become more.

How to Make Private Label ?

We can use the following simple steps to make a private label on amazon.
  • Choose your private label products.
  • Do own research your competitors.
  • Search out for your best supplier.
  • Do select and design products for private label.
  • Optimize Listing for amazon private label.
  • Product safety is very compulsory.
  • Try to take the benefits from FBA
  • Then keep start your selling.

What is Product Researching (Product Hunting)?

Find the best niche or product to sell on amazon is called product hunting.

Find the Top Selling Products (Niches) on Amazon:  

  • Book is a very popular niche by searching.
  • Clothing product is very high demand on.
  • Jewelry and Shoes are both equally high demand.
  • Electronics products have also equally popularity.
  • Toys and Games are very popular niches.

What is Amazon Shipping ?

Amazon logistic is delivery service. Amazon offer services of shipping from warehouse to customer address as well.

Shipping Charges by Products (Standard Shipping)?

1)Jewelry, Beauty, Shoes, Software, Video Game etc:
       $8.99 Per Shipment             $0.99 Per Item
02) Books:
       $5.00 Per Shipment             $0.99 Per Item
03) Music CD or DVD:
      $6.99 Per Shipment             $0.99 Per Item
04) Computers:
      $12.99 Per Shipment          $0.65/lb Per Item
05) Electronic Gadgets:
      $9.99 Per Shipment            $0.59/lb Per Item
06) Amazon Gift Cards:
      $5.00 Per Shipment            $0.00 Per Item

Shipping Charges by Products (International Shipping) ?

01) Books, Software, Video Games, Music DVDs etc:
      $39.99 Per Shipment          $9.99 Per Item
02) Cell Phone, Automotive, Accessories etc:
      $39.99 Per Shipment         $4.99/lb Per Item
03) Amazon Gift Card:
     $39.99 Per Shipment         $9.99 Per Item

How Long to Deliver Products on Amazon  ?

01) US Standard Delivery:

      04 to 14 business days

02) US Expedited Delivery:

      02 – 06 business days

03) US 2-Day Delivery:

      02 business days

04) US-1 Day Delivery:

      01 business day

05) For International Standards:

      03 – 06 weeks

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